Schedule Winter 2019

January 6

1:15pm - The Dude(16) vs DU Club(6)

2:25pm - Jagged Mtn(8) vs Finkel & Garf(11)

3:35pm - Big Tunas(9) vs Swagger(6)

January 13

1:15pm - Swagger(8) vs Finkel & Garf(14)

2:25pm - The Dude(6) vs Jagged Mtn(15)

3:35pm - DU Club(7) vs Big Tunas(16)

January 20

1:15pm - Finkel & Garf(15) vs The Dude(6)

2:25pm - Big Tunas(9) vs Jagged Mtn(12)

3:35pm - DU Club(12) vs Swagger(11)

January 27

1:15pm - Jagged Mtn(14) vs DU Club(7)

2:25pm - The Dude(1) vs Swagger(0)*FORFEIT

3:35pm - Big Tunas(4) vs Finkel & Garf(15)

February 3


February 10

1:15pm - Finkel & Garf(1) vs DU Club(0)*FORFEIT

2:25pm - Swagger(6) vs Jagged Mtn(12)

3:35pm - The Dude(9) vs Big Tunas(8) OT SHOOTOUT

February 17

**PLAYOFFS START, Top two seeds get a bye & practice time**

1:15pm - The Dude(3seed)(7) vs Swagger(6seed)(15)

2:25pm - Big Tunas(4seed)(15) vs DU Club(5seed)(5)

3:35pm - practice time for F&G(1seed) and Jagged(2seed)

February 24

1:15pm - F&G(10) vs Swagger(9)

2:25pm - Jagged(11) vs Big Tunas(10)

3:35pm - The Dude(8) vs DU Club(7)

March 3

**Championship Games**

1:15pm - Consolation Game

The Dude vs DU Club

2:25pm - Third Place Game

Big Tunas vs Swagger

3:35pm - Championship Game

​Finkel & Garf vs Jagged Mountain



Colorado Indoor Lacrosse League 

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